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Joy to You and Greetings!

I am Nanette, a 30 year hospitality industry veteran turned creative entrepreneur, learning to define myself, not by what "I do", but by who "I am".

I am creating my work in the world through Wise Well Women, Inc. and serving women (and a few select men) as a creative life & business coach.

I am a socially conscious solo-preneur, passionate about creativity & empowering women one baby step at a time!


Things that have changed my life for the better include:

Discovering Leo Buscaglia as a young adult
Surviving and growing stronger through crisis
Reading everything by Melody Beattie
My ex-husband
My amazing daughter
Remembering how vital the sound and smell of the ocean is to my psyche
Re-discovering my intuition
Recovering my Creative Self
Finding and nurturing incredible women friendships
Continually igniting my passion for learning
Honoring my family support
Sharing my life with a man I love
The Serenity Prayer

I have been most profoundly affected by the evolution of my personal self-care toolkit,
"The 12 Baby Steps Foundation Formula for Creating more Clarity, Serenity and Success", it's transformational impact on my business and my life, and the pure joy I feel sharing this simple, life changing message.

I am passionate about creating with "trash" and journaling, too, and I use my journal to support my personal and business growth as my #1 tool.

Won't you join me?

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P.S.  For a free preview of my latest ebook, "The Art of Journaling to Grow Your Business - an Entrepreneur's Guide to Authentic Marketing" click here.


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